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The Wedding Prep Series: The Detail Box | Colorado Wedding Photographer

One of the best wedding day tips I’ve discovered so far is something I call the detail box. Basically, it’s a box with no holes and a lid, which you pack before the wedding day with all the trinkets you want photographed as part of your wedding collection. That way, nothing important gets forgotten, misplaced, or overlooked. Everything’s in one place, easy to find, and easy for me to transport without the risk of losing items.

Why should the detail box be packed ahead of time?

It’s important to take time before the wedding day to pack the detail box. Trying to find all of your items on the actual wedding day and remember everything you wanted photographed can be tough and stressful. Some of the items may need to be brought from other locations or obtained by someone other than you.

If you bring the items to your getting ready space without consolidating them into one box, they may get covered up by other items or set down in hard-to-find places. Doing it in advance saves time during your busy wedding day schedule. Getting up in the middle of hair and makeup to go search for items can put you behind schedule.

Can’t I just make a list?

A list is a good first step, but you run into the same problem as above. A list is only good if you can find all the items on that list. It’s better to have every item together instead of having a list of those items and not knowing where they are.

What should be in the detail box?
The short answer is any small items that you want to make a part of your wedding collection. Here are some ideas.

Items For Her Box:

Wedding Invitations, Paper Goods, Marriage License
Loose Flowers or Greenery (Sometimes the florist is willing to provide extra cuttings for this purpose)
Wedding Day Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tiaras, etc)
All Rings (including the groom’s ring and both of the bride’s rings)
Family Heirlooms (grandma’s necklace, grandpa’s handkerchief)
Goodluck Charms (something borrowed, something blue, penny in your shoe, etc.)
Remembrances (loved one’s photos, etc.)
Handkerchiefs (including embroidered note handkerchiefs)
Love Notes, Vows
Ribbon that matches wedding colors

Items that won’t fit in the box but should be delivered to the photographer with the box:
Wedding Dress
Veil (steamed ahead of time to remove wrinkles)
Bridal Bouquet

Items For His Box:
Pocket Square
Special Socks
Notes, Vows
Family Heirlooms (grandfather’s watch, etc.)
Special Drink of the Day (unopened)
Good Luck Charms
Special Shaving Kit or Grooming Products that help to tell the story of the day

Items that won’t fit in the box but should be delivered to the photographer with the box:
Suit Jacket
Groom’s dress shirt, if there’s special embroidery, etc.

Taking the time to prepare before the wedding day will save time and allow you to get beautiful detail shots.  Here are a few examples of details shots that resulted from a well-planned detail box:


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