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The simple things are the sweetest in life. When looking for wedding favors think of the small sweet gifts that one could give that will convey your gratitude and love.  Finding these special things for those who have given love and support can be difficult. Do yourself a favor and take a look at these small wedding favors.  It’ll be a momentary break from all the other many decisions and preparations for your wedding day.

A box can hold many things. Inside this elegant grey box with white trees decorating the exterior are two small porcelain bears embracing one another. This bear hug is the result of two opposites becoming one. One is salt and the other is pepper. Though these bear shaped salt and pepper shakers can detach, they are always waiting to be embraced once again by their opposite.

This beautifully heart shaped bottle stopper is a great way to symbolically representation your love and gratitude for those who came to support you in one of the biggest events of your life.

Love can be conveyed in many shapes and forms. Love is grown in the fun moments in life, and to make any fun moment greater just add bubblegum. Thank those you have had many fun times with by giving them the small gift of a small white bubblegum dispenser.

To every heart there is a lock. Give the gift of a small key shaped bottle opener as a reminder to those, who unlocked your heart, that you are grateful for them.

Love is shown in action, spoken through voice and written in words. Choose to convey your love by giving the gift of small magnets that spell out your feelings with the word love.

All favors can be found at: Forever Wedding Favors


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