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Anna + Holland’s Windmill Winery Wedding | Florence Arizona Wedding Photographer

Anna + Holland were married at The Windmill Winery in Florence, Arizona. A stunning location with a Hampton-style lake house, overlooking a picturesque lake, and surrounded in lush greenery. The bride prepped in the bridal bungalow and the groom in the gentleman’s quarters before taking a carriage ride over to the ceremony. 

“When I first saw Anna she captivated me. We meet on the 3rd St. Promenade in Los Angeles which is very busy, without every meeting her before I immediately picked her out. She stood out amongst all the hustle and bustle. For a couple of brief moments I just watched her maneuver through the crowd.”

I asked Holland the most beautiful thing about Anna, and here is what he had to say “Her amazing personality and the way she carries herself with unwavering love. She is able to spread love into every relationship she has and cares immensely about the people in her life.”

“Getting to know him at first was unpredictable and exciting. He was pretty much an open book but I still couldn’t figure him out for a while…I think we both had our guard.”

“I can only pick one? The most attractive thing about my fiancé is his confidence (and how he looks) when playing and teaching golf.”

“I’m the lucky one in this relationship because he loves me for me and he thinks I’m the most beautiful woman even when I look hideous. He would never let me think any differently. He is considerate and kind and cares about my feelings. I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

“I was very protective of my heart after many failed relationships, and unintentionally setup many hurdles in the beginning of our relationship. Each hurdle she cleared with flying colors! When we first started to discuss the option for me to move to Arizona it was difficult but the level of support she showed and the positive attitude made me fall even deeper in love with her. The day that we started to pack up the U-haul for me to move and even though there was sadness and uncertainty she still was positive and supportive, I knew at that moment I needed her in my life forever.”

“She rises to take on every challenge that is presented to her. She does it with a level head, and a warm heart.”

“He impressed me the first time I overheard him holding a team meeting with his employees. We both work from home so I basically heard the whole thing. He is such a great manager.”

“We’ve been going through some major life decisions together as of late and experiencing her ability to take those decisions head on, listen and respect my opinion while also being able to convey her own (most in my life would say that is a challenge when dealing with my personality) has been a huge surprise. She’s been able to manage a major move from CA to AZ, the effect that had on her job, planning a wedding, and buying a home. She’s managed all those life changes with grace and beauty, she’s always been positive and extremely supportive.”

“Last Christmas he gave me my gift early which was a plane ticket to Vegas to see Mariah Carey’s Christmas concert, we were to leave the next day! Best surprise ever!!”

“She does amazing things for me everyday! If I had to boil it down to one thing it would the move she made to Arizona for our relationship. She uprooted her life to be with me, something I’ll never forget and am extremely grateful.”

“One of my favorite dates was our 2nd, we went to Main St in Santa Monica and had breakfast, walked around, he bought me a bathing suit 🙂 and then we went to the beach. It was perfect :)”

Asking about Holland’s favorite quirks of Anna, he expressed the following “She probably won’t believe this but her bedtime route. She always and I mean always pulls the sheets up and brushes them off before she gets into bed. I also absolutely love when she talks to Peppy our long haired Chihuahua!!”

“There are two dates that come to mind that were really amazing. One was the Huntington Library, beautiful botanical gardens in Pasadena. This is where the relationship took another step for me from the initial honeymoon stage to this could have some promise. Then the next was when we went to the San Diego Zoo.”

“I’m most excited to marry Holland to be able to have a teammate for life and to be able to laugh and be goofy with him forever!”

“I admire her courage, strength, dedication, and loyalty.”

“Two of my favorite memories together is the first Raiders game he took me to, it was so fun seeing him so excited but kinda scary too… the other memory is our first Christmas together. He is just as festive as I am if not more. He decorated the whole house and got me so many presents I felt like a kid again. :)”

“I’m most excited to continue the journey with her. To grow with her. To start a family with her. To continue to build our beautiful life together.”

“The sweetest thing he does for me is make me breakfast and he’ll give me a massage if i’m complaining that something hurts.”

“I’ve really enjoyed learning more about Anna and her past. So some of my favorite memories with her are exploring South Bay, meeting her family and learning more about her through their conversations, and traveling with her whether on a quick weekend get away to Santa Barbara or cross country to her cousin’s wedding in Virginia. I’ve also really enjoyed showing her my past and exploring Idaho with her. Very magical to show the beauty and splendor you miss so much about your past and have your significant other see the same beauty and splendor. Really great moments.”

“I respect his work ethic and love for his family.”

“The best part of our first date was the very first interaction. I was wearing a shirt that required cufflinks and was running late so I didn’t have time to put them in before leaving the apartment. So I immediately asked her if she could help me with that. I could tell she thought that was a little Kookie but was intrigued.”

“We met on I clicked on the “I’m interested” icon and then he messaged me soon after. I couldn’t be the first one to say something!”

“Anna was a tough shell to crack at the beginning of our first date. I knew we both were very attracted to each other but she was reserved and cautious. We would take one step forward opening up, then she would take a 1/2 step back. As we became more and more comfortable together she really started to open up and I knew there was more to the sparks then just the initial physical attraction.”

“The proposal was thoroughly planned out with my best friend and maid of honor, Christine. He took me to the beach to watch the sunset before dinner and lured me down to the sand even though I had boots on, by that time I pretty much knew it was happening. I saw a huge heart shape in the sand with candles and rose petals and thought, “this can’t be for me” but it was!! We stood in the middle of the heart and he got down on one knee with everyone on the beach and pier watching! It was magical.”

“I love his obsession with the Raiders, it makes me feel a little less crazy about my own obsessions.”

Holland insists “I’m the lucky one in this relationship because I get to spend time with my best friend everyday.”

“One of his personality traits that I admire is his honesty and he will admit when he’s wrong. Most men don’t do that :)”

 “I love the man that you are and the way you make me feel. I am so excited that I get to share my life with you and can’t wait to get started!”

 “Anna, I’m so excited to start this adventure with you and can’t wait for the big day. You are my best friend and I love you to death.”

Ceremony Venue: The Windmill Winery

Reception Venue: The Windmill Winery

DJ: Elegant Entertainment

Florist: Wildflower AZ

Caterer: Kiss the Chef

Cake: Piece of Cake

Videographer: Serendipity

Dress Boutique: Wedding Belles

Bridal Shoes: Badgley mischka

Men’s Clothing: Jos a banks

Invitations: Artech printing

Rings: Tara fine jewelry Buford, GA


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