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Stephanie + Eric’s Mount Falcon Park Engagement Session | Denver Engagement Photographer



Today, I’m excited to share this winter engagement session over at Mount Falcon Park.  We were pretty cold by the end, but it was absolutely worth the views.


I asked Stephanie to tell me a little bit about Eric, and here’s what she had to say:

“As many couples these days do, we met online! Through an app called Coffee Meets Bagel…. he was the first and only date I went on through an app!”

“Eric was very easy to talk to, from the very first date we hit it off. The conversation was always great and we enjoyed getting to know one another. I remember telling my friends that I’m just ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ in the sense that it all felt a little too perfect; a little too much like I had found my Prince Charming and it was all going to go away once the clock turned midnight. It turns out, it was perfect and I HAD found my Prince Charming!”

When Eric proposed, “I was so surprised! In hindsight, there were so many signs that I should have caught but I think my excitement about going on vacation with his family to Turks and Caicos completely clouded any usual suspicion or awareness that I would normally have. When he bent down on one knee I honestly thought he was just playing a joke on me, but when he pulled out the ring I realized it was really happening and I just lost it. I asked Eric to stand on the dock with me afterwards for a few minutes while I pulled myself together before seeing everyone again!”

“I’m usually pretty good at sniffing out any surprises Eric tries to throw my way, but the day after we had gotten back home to Los Angeles after our vacation/engagement Eric so casually asked if we could pick up a box in our downstairs lobby together, little did I know he had all 15 or so of our LA friends waiting to surprise me with an engagement party! It was so incredible and unexpected!!”


“He impresses my everyday with his love and selflessness.”

I asked Eric to tell me a little bit about Stephanie, and here’s what he had to say:

“I was standing outside of a bar waiting to meet her for the first time. She had blown me off twice before so I was a little hesitate to meet with her. As I was waiting, I finally saw a blonde girl busy talking on her phone walking over to me and my heart skipped a beat. The rest was history.”


“We spent about two hours at the bar just talking asking the standard “get to know you” questions. What I remember the most was how easy it was to talk to her and how natural the conversation followed.”


I asked Eric to share his memory of the first date, and he said, “Define first date!! Like normal 20-something year olds we hung out about 3 or 4 times before we went on a true ‘First Date’. Our second time meeting each other was at another bar (shocker) watching the USA-Portugal World Cup match. I told her there would be a bunch of friends watching the game, little did she know it was just my best friend Peter and I. She got a first hand experience into watching Peter and I watch sports, which included Peter standing on top of the bar and leading a chant….”

I asked Eric when he knew she was the one, and here’s what he said: “Two times. The first time was when Peter and his girlfriend (now wife) told me after the third week of knowing Steph, that if I didn’t marry her they would leave me and go be friends with her. Peter said “You found a girl who fits perfect with your family; she can talk sports with your dad and go shopping with your mom. Wife that”. The second time was after I told her that I was leaving LA and moving to San Jose. I actually turned down the job the first time because I didn’t want to risk losing Steph, but she convinced me to take it and was 100% on board for long distance. I knew then.”


“I cant think of the ‘nicest thing ever’ because everything she she does for me is incredible. She is so carrying and thoughtful and treats me like a prince every day.”



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