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Nicole + Dylan’s Red Rock Canyon Open Space Engagement Session | Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

Today, I have another beautiful winter engagement to share (without snow this time).  These two were great sports about the chilly weather, and I’m so glad because we captured some wonderful, candid moments of them together.


I asked Nicole to tell me a little bit about Dylan, and here’s what she had to say:

“We met in High School.”“He was dating one of my friends in high school so we were mutual friends when we first met. Then, after about six years I asked him to be my friend of Facebook, he accepted and sent me a message. The rest is history, as they say.”“My favorite date was our first. He took me to downtown Littleton, and we walked around for a while, and then he bought me dinner. We had so much fun talking, laughing, and just getting to know each other again.” “One of my favorite memories together was when we vacationed in the Dominican Republic half way through his tour in Korea. The entire trip was amazing in general, but there was one night in particular that we went to this little show they had on the resort. It was pretty much a dance party, and Dylan wanted to get up and dance, but I was being too shy about it. He started dancing while pulling me with him. I ended up having so much fun dancing with him. It was like I forgot to be embarrassed.” “I knew Dylan was going to propose in the near future but I wasn’t sure exactly when, and I kept trying to figure out exactly when he would do it. We had just gone out to dinner with his dad and stepmom in Evergreen, and we headed back to my parent’s house. He went the wrong way out of the restaurant’s parking lot into an empty parking lot. Right away, I started with the ‘what are you doing. You are going the wrong way.’ He told me that his truck had been saying that one tire needed more air and then proceeded to tell me it felt like it was driving weird and to grab the flashlight and come around to his side while he took a look at it. I got annoyed and was like ‘it is cold. Do you really have to do this now?’ So I grabbed the flashlight and walked around to find him on his knee with the ring. The first words out of my mouth were ‘oh my gosh! You are doing this right now,’ followed by the water works.”“I am the most excited to marry him to see what the future holds for us. He has made me so proud in so many ways already, I can’t even imagine what else is to come for us.”I asked Dylan to tell me a little bit about Nicole, and here’s what he had to say:

“I first saw Nicole after attempting to date her friend in high school. She was cute and pretty shy.”“I didn’t actually get to know Nicole until 5 years after we graduated, and she reached out to me over Facebook, and like they say, the rest is history.” “Our first date she was so nervous to see me again she scraped her front fender on the concrete barrier trying to park. Her face was already pink from blushing, and then, quickly went to a bright red. She’s adorable when she’s embarrassed.” “On my favorite date, I took Nicole to a shooting range. She had limited experience, and I put her behind my largest gun (with ample coaching), and she actually shot very well! I was falling for her quickly.” “I knew Nicole was the one when I had drunkenly exposed my worst side and got into a fight for no reason. She had told me after I was shamefully trying to leave her house that ‘sometimes things get rough. That doesn’t mean you just cut and run. You have to work on them together, even in the bad times.’ I had never been told that before. She had forgiven me and was willing to work things out. Everyone bails after things get rocky for whatever reason, and Nicole had proven she was not that person. (I have never gotten that drunk since!)”“I am so excited for Nicole to be wife because she is my better half to balance my soul. Her company by my side until we’re rocking our chairs on the front porch in our old age is a dream I can only imagine. What could be better than spending your life with your best friend?”

I’ll be posting the rest of Nicole and Dylan’s story with their wedding post next year.  Dylan is getting deployed in about a week, and I’m so glad we got these photos done beforehand.  Pray hard for our soldiers!  Each one of them means the world to someone!  (…and, now I’m crying.)


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