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Rebecca + Jeff’s Webster Farm Wedding | Gilbert Wedding Photographer

Rebecca + Jeff’s wedding took place on a warm Arizona day at the adorable Webster Farm in Gilbert, Arizona. They chose not to see each other before the ceremony, so both the bride and groom spent the morning with their bridal party and family.

Rebecca honored her Scottish heritage by wearing her family’s red tartan over her wedding dress in the traditional fashion.  She wore her hair loose down her back tucked with flowers, a style that perfectly completed the look.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous spring wedding under the trees!


I asked Rebecca to tell me a little bit about Jeff.  Here’s what she had to say:

“He was in town for only three days and we met through a mutual friend at the movies. I went as a favor to a girlfriend of mine because she didn’t want to be the only girl. I jokingly asked to see a picture of this “guy” and determined that he was pretty attractive. He asked to take me on a date despite having to go back home in just a few short days.”When she got to know him for the first time, “It was nothing but teasing and nagging. It was cute. A lot like when you were younger and that little girl/boy would throw sand at you during recess because they allegedly liked you (at least that’s what your parents would tell you).”“Our first date was my favorite date. He asked me out on a date, knowing full-well we would likely never see each other again. I told him he was crazy and that it seemed kind of pointless. He asked me for a good reason not to go on a date…I had none. We went to a Cantina and had Nachos and talked, and talked, and talked. Not a single dull moment.”The most attractive thing about Jeff is “His killer blue eyes and his silly grin!”“He proposed to me during the Munro Sonoran Lights event, in the Desert Botanical Gardens. He kept trying to wander down paths that were clearly not the focal points of the event. I thought nothing of it because I knew how he disliked crowds and figured he was trying to avoid them. It turns out he was just trying to find somewhere intimate to propose! When he finally found the place, he just stood there holding my hands and staring into my eyes. He was silent. I kept trying to fill the silence with chit chat about where we could go for dinner. Every time I tried to make my way to the exit he pulled me back to the same spot, facing him, both hands held in his. He finally gave me this look that said “Be quiet, I’m trying to tell you something” and it happened. He took my Valentine’s ring from my right hand and moved it to my left. Just us. Finally engaged.” “We rented a Cabin in Greer, for a friend’s wedding in May. He taught me how to fish and we went on long hikes. We packed our own pots, pans and groceries. We cooked and cuddled in the warm little cabin for the whole weekend. On the last day, we woke up to fresh snow and deer grazing outside our window.”Jeff surprised her when “*When he told me he loved me for the first time. *

We had just pulled up to his parent’s house for the first time together, and he had only just shut the car off when he dropped it on me like a bomb. I knew I loved him but I found myself stuck in the moment, trying to take it all in when his brother swung the front door open to meet us. I had to tell him I loved him at a later time. Ack! Timing!”“He holds the door for me. Always. Even after loading groceries into the car, when I take the cart to put it away, he stays standing at the car holding my door open for me.” “He always grates my cheese for me.” “He gets everything off the top shelf for me.” “He holds my purse for me.”“If I’m ever doing something that may need a second set of hands, I never ask for help (despite the fact he may be standing right there). I am stubbornly independent. He knows he can’t tell me what to do so he waits and smirks while I fumble then he interjects and says ‘You know; you could just ask for help.’ He gets upset with me when I don’t ask for help or let him help.” “He doesn’t let what others may think or say about him get in his way of accomplishing what he wants.”“He chose my ring, all by himself. I had been throwing some heavy hints at him for a few years, yet he blew me away with being able to pick a ring that fit me so well. It’s perfect. Who knew a man could have such taste!” Rebecca is most excited to marry Jeff because, “Let’s be honest, I want to start a family with this hunk!” She says she’s the lucky one because, “All of the reasons. I don’t deserve him. I have gone through some extremely stressful times, and I would not be where I am now if he weren’t at my side through it all. He is there for me through the sadness, the madness and the absentmindedness. He’s had every chance to run away, yet he chose to stay.”I asked Jeff to tell me a little bit about Rebecca.  Here’s what he had to say:

“The first time I saw Becca was when she was working at a Sport Chalet and she got ringed in to going to a movie with some mutual friends. I was instantly hooked, because I shamelessly flirted with her the rest of the night.”“The second day we knew each other I asked her on a date (even though I lived in a different state), and we got to know each other over lunch, and the rest of my vacation in Arizona. I feel like I spent more time with her than I did with the friends I was there to visit.”“Our first date went surprisingly well, we hit it off immediately because I was on vacation and full of myself. After our first date, I asked her for a kiss, and I knew we had something special right then when she smiled and agreed.”“My favorite date was actually our first date. My favorite part of our first date was our first kiss, I’ll never forget it, outside my friend’s apartment in the summer heat. It was hot, and I’m sure we both wanted to get indoors, but I knew I wanted that kiss, and I got one.”

I asked Jeff to tell me the most beautiful thing about Rebecca.  He said: “As cliché as it is, her personality is my favorite. She is a strong woman, and she’s not a girly-girl, which is what attracted me to her initially. She knows what she wants and nothing can get in her way once she has her mind made up.”

“My favorite memory of us was when we took a long weekend in Sedona. We were still a newish couple (under a year together), and we rented a hotel and just spent time with each other.  We hiked, checked out the downtown area, had some amazing meals, shared a bottle or 2 of wine together at the hotel, and just enjoyed each other’s company.”“One of the most surprising surprises happened recently when she actually made a reservation for dinner on my birthday (valentine’s day) which no one has ever done before since that is such a crazy day. It actually meant a lot to me even though it might not seem like a big deal.”“I love how I can make her smile and giggle just by looking at her, and she hides her face when I tell her that she is beautiful. Her smile brightens my day, and I can’t hold a straight face for long when she’s smiling back at me.”“The nicest thing Becca does for me is support me and compromise for me. She is two years older than me, and she is patient in waiting for me to get my life in order before we start a family, and I love her for it, and we both know it will be worth the wait.”“I admire how independent she is; I know she wants me instead of needs me. I know we will be happy together forever because we complement each other well, and everyone around us agrees that we are perfect for each other.”“I knew she was the one when she was willing to visit me in California before I knew I was moving to Arizona to see me and spend time with me. I told her I loved her after I picked her up from the airport while we were still in the car.”“I’m most excited to marry Becca because I want to refer to her as my wife instead of my fiancé-haha. Marrying her feels so right, and I can’t wait to travel, and start a new family with her. I get to annoy her for the rest of her life.” “I’m the lucky one because Becca is the most special person in my life. She is my best friend, and we can have fun together doing nothing, or when she drags this homebody out of the house. She is the main reason I strive to reach higher in my professional life, and why I’m going to school in order to provide for my future family with her.”


Venue: Webster Farm

Wedding Planner: Stephanie Oswald of Burlap & Lace Weddings

Caterer: Le Fox Catering

Bar: Hey Bartender!

Harpist: Jessica Zappanti

Band: The Everest’s

DJ: Coy with The Pro’s DJ

Flowers: Costco DIY
Donuts: Bosa Donuts
Cake: Jeff’s mom, Karin Grace, made the cake – @karin.grace.3
Officiant: Michael Jessup, the husband of one of the bridesmaids



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