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Jessica + Spencer’s Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding | Sedalia Colorado Wedding Photographer

Today, I’m excited to share this winter wedding at Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia, Colorado.  The Sanctuary boasts mountain views, epic drop offs, and castle-like stone work, which make for some incredible wedding portraits.  On the morning of this March wedding (still winter in Colorado), we enjoyed even cloud cover and a light snow fall during bridesmaid portraits.  Despite chill weather, the mood could not have been warmer.  Jessica got ready in an arched hallway of stone, which might be my new favorite getting ready location yet.  Then, walked down a candle lit aisle at the Sanctuary’s outdoor pavilion.  After portraits, this beautiful married couple celebrated with a wedding brunch, including a mimosa bar, a custom omelette station, and the best waffle I’ve ever eaten.  (Seriously, I think it was a waffle-doughnut hybrid.)


-XOXO I asked Jessica to tell me a little bit about Spencer, and here’s what she had to say:

“We met in Anatomy and Physiology class in high school. We knew OF each other for awhile, and I always thought he was really cute but it wasn’t until the second semester of the class, a new girl entered our class and took my seat (it was first period and I was almost always late) and the only open seat was next to the cute blonde boy. We immediately hit it off :)” “Spencer immediately drew my attention with his wit and humor. He was one of the most interesting people I had ever met and I loved spending time with him and just talking to him and hanging out.”“So we have been dating for almost 5 years, so there are a lot of dates to choose from! I think one of my favorite types of dates that we go on are hikes/ adventure type dates, or when we snuggle down with snacks to watch our favorite TV shows!” “I don’t know if I can pick one thing [that’s most attractive]! Definitely at the top are his kindness, humor, and his intellect. He is one of, if not the, smartest person I know. It is so attractive to me to be around someone with so much wit and someone who challenges me to have big thoughts and dreams. He is also incredibly kind, which I find very attractive and we share the same humor, so I am always attracted to that!”“Our proposal story is unique because I knew it was coming but Spence was still able to make it a surprise. We had been planning our wedding (without a proposal) since the summer because Spencer wanted to design my wedding ring and it took a couple of months to be completed. I heard the ring had come in, so I knew the proposal had to be coming soon. Spencer and I went to the Red Bull Air Race one Sunday and I thought that that had to be the place that he would propose. But he didn’t! I was really disappointed and even though I tried to hide it from him, he knows my emotions way to well and got it out of me that I was sad. So, he suggested we take a walk around these gardens near our homes and I was like, “Okay, I guess he might propose here.” He walked me under these two white rings (that were modern art) and got down on one knee and said, “Now that I have you under the rings…” Before I could react, he jumped up and ran away, yelling “Just kidding!” I couldn’t believe it! I was really flabbergasted and confused. We walked back to the car and he told me that he had to go to a meeting and that he would see me later. I went home and I was kinda sad and felt weird. A couple of our close friends were in the house and they were dressed really nicely but I didn’t think anything of it. Then, later in the night, one of my bridesmaids, Tina, convinced to me spontaneously go downtown to crash another friend’s date. I went, and turns out, she took me to the top of a restaurant called The Eagle’s Nest (which is a rotating restaurant on top of a hotel) and when we walked inside, I knew something was up. When we turned the corner, all of our friends were standing there with Spencer in the middle. This is what he had been planning to do all day. He got down on one knee and said all kinds of beautifully sweet things and proposed. I said YES of course. So, in the end, he was able to make it a surprise after all.”“An early memory that I really love was when we went to Paradise Cove for his birthday back in high school, A later memory is when we used to drive up to Castle Rock at night and lay on the roof of your car to look at the stars, my favorite memory when we did our year of long distance was the moment that I saw him walk out off of the plane and I ran to hug him, and since we have been at college – all of my favorite memories have been the little things we do every day together, like eating lunch, or spontaneously going out to get sushi or cookies, or just relaxing with him.” “Back in high school on my birthday, we were driving away from campus and I had to stop to get gas for my car. When I finished pumping he came up to my window and was like, “Ill be at your house in 35 minutes, get ready to go somewhere nice!” and then he took me to the Melting Pot. He also sometimes walks over to my house (we only live a couple streets over at college) and makes me breakfast in bed!” “He loves to be ‘babied.’  I love it because I love to take care of people!” “When he wakes me up with breakfast in bed or a coffee, it is so sweet. He also always answers his phone when I call, no matter what he is doing and that means a lot.” I asked Jessica to tell me what she respects the most about Spencer: “Everything! I respect is passion for knowledge and debating, I respect his out-doorsy abilities, and I respect his steadfastness.” “Whenever I listen to him talk about his passions I am always impressed. Spencer loves to research and when he talks about the things that he loves his eyes light up. He has such deep and complex thoughts, but they manifest themselves in this man that is so laid back and chill about everything in his life.”“Spencer is my best friend. He is my person. He completes me and understands me better than anyone. I am so excited to officially be able to start our life together and start this new adventure!”Jessica says she’s the lucky one in this relationship because, “I’m the lucky one because every day I spend with Spencer I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. He is so consistent and steadfast in the way he treats me. I know that when I marry him I will never stop laughing or feeling loved. Snuggling up next to Spence for the rest of my life sounds like the best thing in the world!”I asked Spencer to tell me a little bit about Jessica, and here’s what he had to say:

Spencer says that the first time he met Jessica, “It was in Anatomy and Physiology my sophomore year of high school and she was running late to class. Even though she was flustered, I remember she looked beautiful.” “When I first got to know her, it was because she sat next to me in Anatomy class. I remember she was as smart as she was beautiful.”“Our first date was at the end of March. I was nervous when I went to pick her up and I was early, so I remember driving around the block a couple of times. Even though it was bitterly cold out, we spent hours talking while walking around the park.” “One of my favorite dates of all time was the night when Jess and I went to see a movie, and I don’t remember the movie or what it was about, but we spent hours in deep conversation following the movie. I remember thinking I’d never had a better conversation in my life.” “The most beautiful thing about Jess is how she finds meaning in everyday things.” “Everyday I spend with her is my new favorite memory.”Some of his favorite memories are “All of our adventure type dates- like camping in Red River Gorge, skiing, and every time we experience something new together it becomes a favorite memory.” “She surprised me with a candlelit dinner in the middle of a tough week of school- and that was really awesome.”Spencer loves it “When she mispronounces words that she has only read and never spoken out loud- like “awry” is an example. It’s the cutest and most endearing thing.” “When Jess left for college, she gave me a memory book she had made that had all of our memories written down, ticket stubs saved and pictures. It was so nice.”
“She shows kindness to people without asking anything of them.”
“After about our first month of dating, I just knew she was the one. We worked so well together and we enjoyed each other’s company, and I realized there was nothing I’d rather do then spend everyday I could with her.”
“I’m just excited to start this new chapter with her. It’s the next step in our adventure!”
Spencer says he’s the lucky one because: “She has all of the qualities that I need in my life- so I feel so lucky to have someone who I not only love with my whole heart but someone who truly completes me.”


Venue: Sanctuary Golf Course
Floral: Karen at The Garden Path
Cake: Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery
Videographer: Mark Dexter at Simply Love Films
DJ: Chris at Elite DJ
Day of Coordinator at Sanctuary: Steffany Howard
Dress: Something New Boutique


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