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Nicole + Dylan’s Cheyenne Mountain Resort Wedding | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

For the beginning of their story, check out their engagement blog post here.

I asked Nicole to tell me a little bit about Dylan, and here’s what she had to say:

“The most attractive thing about Dylan is his confidence in himself.”

“One of my favorites memories is gross and way too much information but it tells so much about the relationship we have. There was a night I was having troubles using the bathroom, and he asked if I was okay where I proceeded to tell him no. He then came into the bathroom and acted as a Squatty Potty and called himself the ‘Squatty Dylan.’ “

“While I was working at the dentist’s office, he was working for a company that delivered uniforms around the Denver area. One day he had to make a delivery to Fort Collins and while he was there he stopped by the office and brought me flowers, chocolates, and a love note.”

“He always shortens weird words that shouldn’t be shortened and then will say it twice like it’s “chill chill outside” it drives me crazy but I love the smile he gives me after he knows it annoys me.”

“The sweetest thing Dylan does for me is gives me massages all the time. I have a lot of back pain and even without complaining or asking he will give me a massage a couple times a week.”

“I respect the man that Dylan is. He has known that he wanted to serve his county since 2001 and he has never stopped achieving the goals he has set for himself in his career.”

“I admire his dedication and perseverance in everything he does. If something is broke he will find a way to fix it, if there is a set back he will work his way through it.”

“One time Dylan really impressed me was when we went to visit his brother, who has since passed, in Michigan before he left for Korea because he had ALS. We had only been dating a couple months at this point but he asked if I would go out there with him and I said yes not really knowing what to expect. While there he impressed me by how much he was able to still be himself around his brother who was in pretty rough shape already. He was so composed and strong but still showed so much emotion all at the same time. It was the first time I realized I wanted to marry Dylan.”

“I am the lucky one in this relationship because I found a man that will do anything and everything to make me happy. I also feel lucky because I have found a relationship where we push ourselves to be the best we can be for each other and that is truly something special.”

I asked Dylan to tell me a little bit about Nicole, and here’s what he had to say:

“My fiancé on the surface has the most beautiful eyes. They flow from green to blue in the same manner the clear Rocky Mountains fade into the sky. Although THE most beautiful thing about her is the soul in her body.”

“One of my favorite memories with Nicole is the entirety of our vacation down in the Dominican Republic. Every meal was a feast at a different restaurant. We swam in the warm water playing around every day, went zip lining through the jungle, and I embarrassed myself on the dance floor for her enjoyment at every show . I still can’t pronounce the word ‘Bordeaux’s’ and it drives her crazy to this day. We took this trip halfway through my tour in Korea and spending the time with her and getting away from the threat of nuclear war for a few days was euphoric.”

“One of the first and biggest surprises Nicole had laid on me is that after a few dates I began to realize that she had an extensive wealth of knowledge regarding classic rock. I’m talking she could listen to 5 seconds of a song and name the song, the artist, sing a all the words, and most of the times the name of the album. Our love for the hair bands and the like is a pivotal foundation of our relationship.”

“Nicole’s biggest quirk (if you can call it that) that I love is she makes lists for EVERYTHING all the time for any reason. I thought it was kinda weird until I realized how unbelievably organized she was and how much stuff she gets done. I mean damned if she hasn’t gotten me at least a little more organized in my own chaotic life.”

“The kindest thing Nicole’s has ever done is, on a whim with little money, accompanied me on a 48 trip to visit my dying brother before I left for Korea. It was an emotionally and physically taxing endeavor she had no obligation to take part in, but she did without hesitation. I would never admit, but she knew I needed her there with me. We hadn’t been dating only a few months.”

“I respect Nicole’s values and ethical beliefs. They’re all grounded with compassion and understanding as well as a high standard I also hold.”

“One thing about Nicole’s personality I love is her bravery. Even if she’s scared about doing or learning a new thing that takes her out of her comfort zone, (besides skydiving with me) she has always buckled in, sucked it up, and charged forward. She’s my hero in that aspect a lot of the time.”

“I am the luckiest man in any relationship because the girl that is in love with me is drop-dead gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, honest, loyal to the end, and comes with the most generous and loving family. I just hope I don’t wake up!”

Ceremony Venue: Saint Dominic Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs, (A Dolce Resort)
DJ: HEPS DJ and Photobooth
Florist: Rhonda Nichols Floral Design
Caterer: Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs, (A Dolce Resort)
Cake: Sugarplum Cake Shoppe
Event Rentals: Brady’s Rental All
Officiant: Father John Stearns
Photobooth: HEPS DJ and Photobooth
Videographer: Bosha Video, 719-761-8386
Hair: Friends
Makeup: Friends
Dress Boutique: Luv Bridal
Bridal Shoes: DSW, Chinese Laundry
Men’s Clothing: Men’s Wearhouse and Tux
Invitations: Shutterfly
Wedding Favors: Etsy, SipHipHooray
Rings: Blue Nile
Limo: Price4Limo


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