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Dana + Greg’s Garden of the Gods Club Wedding | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

I’m excited to share Dana and Greg’s Garden of the Gods Collection wedding in Colorado Springs.  Their wedding day was a wet one, as you’ll notice from the ceremony photos.  However, they went ahead with the outdoor ceremony, despite the weather, and by the time they said “I do,” the weather had started to clear up.

Enjoy!I asked Dana to tell me a little bit about Greg, and here’s what she had to say:

“We met at a party of mutual friends.”“I can’t really explain the feeling I had the first time I saw Greg, but it was kind of like my heart already knew that he was someone really special. He was sitting in the corner of the room and I just felt magnetized towards him. I didn’t expect to feel that way and didn’t really understand at first. I mean, he was covered in some pretty interesting tattoos! After talking and connecting with him and sensing what a genuine person he was, I realized my intuition was onto something.”
“I think my favorite date with Greg was when we went to Riot Fest in Chicago. It was more like a two-day long adventure. We would walk a few blocks from our house to the train station and have great conversation all the way there then walk to the concert site where we saw tons of bands and I felt introduced into a piece of Greg’s world. It was so special because we were alone together for two whole days and had the best time in each other’s company.”
“The most attractive thing about Greg is his sense of humor. He constantly has me laughing and helps me to not take things so seriously. His eyes aren’t too bad either.” “We spent the day walking around my favorite parks. He kept trying to get us into a secluded spot so I kind of figured what was going on. We ended up hanging out on a blanket under a tree where he proposed. Right afterwards I realized a band was set up by the river and was playing a really beautiful song. It was an unplanned magical moment.”
“When I think of favorite memories with Greg, a lot of what comes to mind are simple moments that aren’t flashy or too out of the ordinary. I smile when I think back to when we were dating and we would cook dinner together at my apartment. It was the tiniest kitchen ever and we would be squeezing past each other, laughing, listening to music and working really well together as team. Another memory that stands out is from my sister’s wedding. I caught the bouquet and had fun teasing Greg about how we would be next, but dancing with him that night I really felt in my heart that I would marry him. A few days later I wrote him a letter telling him how much I love him and that I knew someday I would give the letter to him the morning of our wedding. That was 3 years ago so I’m so excited that he’ll be reading it soon!”
“A time when Greg surprised me was last Valentine’s Day. We didn’t really have plans because I had to work late. When I came home I found an amazing spread of Chinese food on the table that was carefully arranged. What can I say, he knows the way to my heart.”
“Greg really, really loves dogs. A quirk I love about him is he has a very specific dog giggle that happens whenever he sees one. He also apparently has this crazy aura that all animals and babies can sense because they are always so drawn to him. My own cat wants to greet him before me.” “It might sound corny but it’s hard to choose one sweet thing that Greg does for me because he is always so thoughtful and caring. Something that comes to mind is that because he wakes up earlier than me, every day when I’m about to get out of bed, he comes and says good morning. I can’t help but smile when I see him and I feel so happy and thankful for him which is an awesome way to start the day.”“Something I respected about Greg right away was his ability to follow his own path and stand for what he believes in despite what other people may think. He also is able to have honest self-reflection with a willingness to grow and be flexible. Plus he’s very loyal and selfless with the people he loves and wants peace and happiness for everyone.”“A part of Greg’s personality that I admire is the way he’s able to accept situations that can’t be changed and even often find humor in them.” “Greg impressed me when we had just barely started dating and I went to watch him play a show with his band in Chicago. In big groups Greg sometimes was a little reserved and quiet so I was really shocked when I saw him on stage in front of that many people. He was totally confident and in his element and it was a great show.” “I’m excited to marry Greg because I really feel that we are so right for each other. We balance each other out and support each other’s growth as individuals. We also make a really great team which is something I always wanted to have with a partner. I just feel that whatever life brings, I have so much to be thankful for having this really amazing, creative, intelligent, funny, caring and dashingly handsome man by my side.”“I’m the lucky one in this relationship because Greg shows me unconditional love. I feel able to be completely myself when I’m with him and to be so loved and accepted for exactly who I am is the best gift I could ever receive.” I asked Greg to tell me a little bit about Dana, and here’s what he had to say:

“The first time I saw Dana was at a party at a mutual friend’s place. His girlfriend at the time really wanted us to talk. I just remember being intimidated by how pretty she was. I was horribly awkward and didn’t make the best first impression I’m sure. It sure turned out okay though!” “The more I learned about Dana, the more I wanted to learn. Many of our first times hanging out were originally plans with friends, but shortly turned into us talking to each other for hours. We would be out at the bar, but found our own corner and just forgot about the world around us when we were with each other.”
“Eventually Dana got sick of waiting on me to ask her, and asked me out for drinks. I remember just sitting there listening to her and just asking myself how this amazing person was wanting to spend more time with me. I knew right then I was lucky.”“One of my favorite dates was when we went to the Wisconsin Dells to celebrate one year together. It was our first real trip together, and we had a great time getting fancy to go gamble and have a great dinner in celebration. It was also hilarious watching her sit down at the roulette table and upset the man next to us with her instant winning ways.” “The most beautiful thing about Dana is her desire to help others. Everything she does always comes back to this, even her work as a massage therapist. She isn’t driven by money or furthering herself, but by helping others get the care they need.”
“One of my favorite memories together is going to Riot Fest a couple years ago. My favorite band (Misfits) were doing a reunion of their original lineup. To say the least, this was not her scene. But she was a trooper through 3 days of punk bands she’d never heard of, and we had a lot of great times together at the fest. Another favorite memory for me would be when she came to my band’s show right after we started dating. I happened to tare my rotator cuff playing this show, but it was so fun for me to bring her into my world. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and it was great to share it with her.”

“On my most recent birthday, Dana surprised me with tickets to see my favorite comedian (Hannibal Buress). I truly did not see it coming, to the point she had to spoil the surprise eventually when I found out he was coming to town and I told her I was going to get us tickets.”
“One of her quirks I love is the way she can tell a story, or try to describe something, using almost none of the actual words or giving you much specific details. We know each other so well that I’ll be able to follow most of the time, while others around us are just absolutely confused while trying to decode the message.” “It’s hard to pin down the the nicest thing she’s done, because I’m not short of examples. But a huge one for me was how she supported me through the death of my grandfather, who was a personal hero of mine. It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the negative side of everything and spiral, and she responded with the kind of love and support you couldn’t even hope to ask for.”“I respect Dana’s integrity and desire to help others. I’ve never seen someone be so hard on themselves for possibly not pleasing someone they interact with. It comes from a place of wanting to make everyone happy.” “Compassion is a personality trait I truly admire in Dana, and try to learn from. From talking others through hard times to small things like giving a few bucks to homeless folks when we are driving through town – you can see this always comes from a place of compassion. Not just trying to do something good to be able to say that she did, but really feeling the need to help others. I think this is a quality far lost in our generation.” “There have been a lot of little signs along the way that she was the one. We can be very different people, with very different interests; but at the end of the day it’s all the important things that we click on. We manage to connect beautifully, without simply morphing into the same person. Our independence really makes us stronger. We’re unified by the strongest love, and even in times of disagreement being right never becomes more important than how much we care about each other.” “I’m most excited to marry her because it almost feels like we already should be. We’ve been through so many things in our years together that it’s clear we are built for the long run. Nothing in the world so instantly fills me with joy than being around her – from the first time I see her smile in the morning until we call it a night.”
“I’m the lucky one in this relationship because of what a loving and caring person I get to spend the rest of my life with. She is truly selfless in her desire to help other people and make their lives better. Plus, she puts up with me and my crazy hobbies, which is sure asking a lot.”


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