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Lacey + Daniel’s Gilbert LDS Temple + Private Estate Wedding | Gilbert AZ Wedding Photographer


Lacey and Daniel were married in the morning at the Gilbert, Arizona LDS Temple, surrounded by a small group of family and friends.  After some photos on the temple grounds, they had a short luncheon.  After lunch, we headed out to Usery Pass for some golden hour photos in a wild, desert setting.  Then, they finished off the day with dinner and good conversation at Lacey’s family home in Gilbert.


I asked Lacey to tell me a little bit about Daniel, and here’s what she had to say:

“Daniel and I met online in early 2017. Super modern, right?! 😉 We talked for a few months before I had the courage to fly all the way to Alaska from Texas to meet him in person. After spending two days together he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we’ve been together since!”

“Daniel made getting to know each other for the first time very easy. He has been so confident about his feelings for me since day one. His confidence allowed me to relax and focus on getting to know him versus questioning how he felt about me, which is unfortunately so common with dating. He made dating easy!”

“My favorite date with Daniel was when we took a spontaneous road trip to Seward, Alaska. We were having so much fun exploring that we stayed the night despite not having any overnight bags. The next morning we took a day cruise and saw tons of wildlife and glaciers. I loved it because it was spontaneous and adventurous but also because I got to know Daniel’s fun and silly side, which I love.”

“The most attractive thing about Daniel is his kindness. He always puts everyone else before himself and loves to lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone. I’m also a big fan of his handsome face! And his height!”

“Daniel surprised me with a proposal on a beach at sunset in Maui. I knew ahead of time that he was considering proposing on our trip, but i had told him in advance of the trip that i wasn’t ready. He, however, came prepared anyway and worked with my sister to find a ring before we left. So when i gave him the green light to propose about halfway through our trip, he was ready to go with a ring in tow and proposed two days later! I was shocked because I had no idea he had gone ring shopping already. It was perfect!”

“Some of my favorite memories with Daniel are actually when we have experienced conflict in our relationship. He is an amazing listener and we communicate really well. Anytime we have to have a conversation that has the potential to be difficult, I always leave feeling heard, understood, and loved. It may be unconventional, but I cherish the moments where we resolve conflict and understand and respect each other’s needs”

“One of Daniel’s quirks that I really adore is his love for airplanes. Anytime he has down time, he spends it looking up small aircraft to purchase online. Or when we are anywhere near a flight path, he stops to watch the planes. I think it’s so cute!”

“Daniel treats me so well. He loves me so effortlessly and makes me feel beautiful, adored, valued, understood, and appreciated.”

“One thing that I respect about Daniel is his ability to see beyond people’s flaws and love them anyway.”

“One of Daniel’s personality traits that I admire is his ability to make decisions easily and with his heart. I over complicate and over analyze most things, and Daniel has a way of seeing the world in a much less complicated way. I love that.”

“Daniel impressed me this past Christmas when he helped my four-year-old niece put together a Cinderella Carriage LEGO set. My niece had been going from adult to adult asking for help, but no one really had the patience in the moment to tackle the large LEGO set. But Daniel offered his help and sat with her and instructed her for over an hour on where to put each piece until the Carriage was finished. His patience with her for that long and with that task melted my heart!”

“I’m most excited to marry Daniel because he complements me in so many ways and encourages me to be the best version of myself. I can’t wait to start a life with him!”

“I’m the lucky one in the relationship because I’m getting someone kind, loyal, patient, calm, and collected while he is getting someone stubborn, sassy, and impatient! 🙂 He is perfect for me, and I am the luckiest.”



I asked Daniel to tell me a little bit about Lacey, and here’s what he had to say:

“The first time I saw her, I was picking her up at the airport in Anchorage. I thought she was more beautiful than her pictures.”

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know Lacey. The first time we met we both learned a lot about each other.”

“Our first date involved her flying to Anchorage and attending the Temple with me.”

“My favorite date was the day I proposed to her. We got Mediterranean take out and had a date on the Beach in Maui, at sunset.”

Daniel says most beautiful thing about Lacey is, “Her personality.”

His favorite memories with Lacey are, “Attending the Diamond Back Games” and “Jimmy Eat World Concert – Thunderstorm Hawaii.”

“She surprises me all the time, I cant think of just one time.”

One of her quirks that Daniel really loves is that, “She has a hard time multitasking. She has a cute serious face when she is concentrating.

“She is always doing nice things for me. The nicest thing she has done was helped me get home when my Aunt was in the hospital.”

“I respect her kindness”

One of her personality traits that he admires is, “Her willingness to help people.”

“I knew she was the one way before she knew. I would have to say I knew after a couple of months of dating.”

“I am most of excited to marry her because she is amazing, kind, and loving.”

“I’m the lucky one in our relationship because she could choose anyone and she chose me.”



Ceremony Venue: Gilbert AZ LDS Temple

Reception Venue: Private Estate

Planner: Lasting Impressions Weddings, Brenda Hon

Florist: Lasting Impressions Weddings, Brenda Hon

Caterer: Gecko Grill

Cake: Cuppies – Custom Cakes and Cupcakes

Event Rentals: Lasting Impressions Weddings, Brenda Hon

Photobooth: Ooh La La Booths

Dress Boutique: A Closet Full of Dresses

Bridal Shoes: Trotters Brand from Nordstrom

Men’s Clothing: JoS. A. Bank

Rings: Bride’s Ring: Giamante in Anchorage, AK

Groom’s Ring: Jared


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