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I had the opportunity to head back to the Sanctuary Golf Club for this gorgeous and oh so fun wedding.  This bridal party spent the whole time laughing, joking, and really experiencing everything, and it created the best tone for the day.



I asked Stephanie to tell me a little bit about Eric, and here’s what she had to say:

“Eric took me to an Ed Sheeran Concert at the Staples Center about 4 or 5 months into us dating. We had so much fun together, but my favorite moment was when he looked me in the eyes and started to softly sing one of the songs out loud to me. It was the first time I felt like he was really opening up, and the first moment when I realized I was starting to fall in love with him.”

“When Eric and I go on long walks together- it gives us a chance to remove technology and distraction from the moment and allows us to really dive deep into a conversation. We always have the best talks during those walks.”

Stephanie said the most attractive thing about Eric is “His passion, hands down. Whether it’s Sunday Night Football and the Patriots are on or we are eating dinner together and talking about a new strategy he’s pulling together for work, Eric just has this drive that I’ve never really seen in anyone and I find it very attractive.”

“I respect and admire Eric’s curiosity- he loves to know everything about anything.”

“Eric is so great at recognizing my stress level. It doesn’t happen too often (or so I like to think) but when I am really stressed or upset about something, Eric without a doubt is ready to take care of me. He will have a glass of wine waiting for me, dinner ready, and all eyes, ears, and attention ready and most importantly willing to listen to me vent.”

“Eric tends to get ‘antsy’ often. I personally think its adorable when he gets this way.”

Stephanie admires “His goofy-ness for sure. I get to see a side of him that not many people get to see and I’m so in love with it! He knows just how to make me laugh and when he gets in this goofy mood of his, I just adore him so much!”

“I get to marry the one person who knows everything about me- my flaws, my secrets, my passions, my fears, my dreams. Eric loves me despite all of the things I am critical about. He encourages me to push myself, he challenges me to always do better, to work harder and to always do more. Eric is, for lack of better words, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“How could I not be the lucky one? Have you seen or talked to him? He’s a catch and my absolute soulmate and I can’t believe I get to call him my best friend and soon-to-be Husband!”




I asked Eric to tell me a little bit about Stephanie, and here’s what he had to say:

“One of my favorite dates would be the time we decided to go down to the beach and watch the sunset. We live about a mile and a half away from the Pacific ocean and one day after work I decided to grab some cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine and go watch the sunset. Little did I know that it would be very windy that day and we almost froze. We proceeded to lie as close to the ground as possible so that we wouldn’t be exposed to the wind and sand that was kicking up. With all of that we still watched the sun go down.”

Stephanie surprised him on, “My 25th Birthday. Right after we started dating, I got an amazing opportunity with my job and moved 5 hours north of LA to San Jose. After about 6 months of dating, Steph decided to come up to San Jose and surprise me for my Bday. I had no idea, and was completely surprised when I got home and she was standing in the kitchen.”

“Steph learned very quickly that I have very little fashion sense and tend not to leave my comfort zone outside of work. What I love about her is that she has this amazing ability to push me to become better. It can be as simple as trying new activities, going to new restaurants, or buying new clothes that arent t-shirts and gym shorts, but she knows how to push me to constantly be better.”

Eric says the most beautiful thing about Stephanie is “Her heart. I know its sappy but she has just a big one and she cares so much about everyone. She is constantly thinking about others and how to make them happy, and I love that about her.”

“She is going to kill me on this one…. Steph loves for things to be even. So if you tickle one side of her, she has to be tickled on the other side. So for me, I get double the tickling.”

I asked Eric to share a couple of his favorite memories together, and here’s what he said: There are so many. Going to the lake for the first time and instantly receiving three new nicknames from the lake friends. Going to Turks and Caicos ( there was the engagement part) but it was Stephs first time outside the country and our first vacation together, so there were so many amazing moments. Many of our weekends together while doing long distance. Only seeing each other for 48 hours was tough but we made the most of it and had so so so much fun.”

“Steph is one of the most carrying people I know. Whether it is doing something for her family, our friends, or a complete stranger she is always willing to go out of her way to help in whatever way she can.”

Eric is most excited to marry Stephanie, “Because she is perfect! We have SOOOO much fun together. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, where we are, or what city I am in that week, we just love to be together, love to talk, and love to laugh. I cant wait for many many many more years of that!”

Eric says he’s the lucky one in this relationship: “Because she puts up with me!!!! I am weird, goofy, sometimes messy, and stubborn. But Steph brings out the best of me and pushes me to continue to grow.”



Venue: Sanctuary Golf Club, 303-224-2860

Day of Coordinator: Steffany Howard of Sanctuary Golf Club

DJ: Brian @ A Music Plus Entertainment, 303-426-9990

Florist: Maxine Cutts-Alcott @ Abloom, 303-470-1700

Caterer: Sanctuary Golf Club

Specialty Desserts: Gateaux Bakery

Officiant: Tim Vickers

Videographer: Chris Bramley

Hair: Phoebe @ Salon Vo, Salon Vo, 303-929-1246

Makeup: Heather Joyce-Bell of Makeup Artist Heather

Dress: Bhldn

Bridal Shoes: J. Adams shoes found on

Bridal Jewelry: Bhldn

Men’s Clothing: Suitsupply

Invitations: Elly,

Rings: Blue Diamond Jewelry, El Segundo CA


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