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Lyndsey and Rance were married at Granby Ranch in an intimate ceremony overlooking the mountains.  The couple met when they were eleven years old and have know each other for about twelve years.
Although, they now live in Texas, Colorado seemed like the perfect place for their destination wedding.  It’s their “happy place.”  Rance used to live out here, and they travel back to Colorado at least once a year to explore the mountains and spend time with family.  In fact, Rance even proposed out at Dream Lake in Este Park.
On the day of their wedding, all the guests took a ski lift up to the ceremony site on the side of the mountain.  The view could only be described as epic.  Really, it was spectacular.  Unfortunately, a lightning alarm went off as the nuptials got under way.  We were able to get through the ceremony, but had to evacuate almost immediately after.  As all the guests were loading into special transports, we paused for a few moments to get just a few photos with that view.
The weather eventually cleared up, and we were able to pop back outside right before sunset to catch the perfect evening light.
I asked Lyndsey to tell me a little bit about Rance, and here’s what she had to say:
“We met at church when we were 11. He didn’t live near me, but would go to my church while he was down visiting his dad. We met when doing different youth group activities such as lock ins. I can remember the first time I felt the connection. We sat together on a bus ride to go watch fireworks with the church. I knew there was something. I just didn’t know what it was yet.”

“Something about his smile and calm attitude drew me to get to know him. We talked a ton and when he left to go back home, it was hard. When we got old enough to have cell phones, you better believe we communicated every way we could. Off and on for the years leading up to 2011, when we began dating.”

“I was visiting him when he lived in Northglenn I think it was. He was trying to take me on a ‘surprise date’. We got in the car and he started the GPS. It said, “Beginning route to Denver Zoo”. I have always had such a passion for animals, and he put thought into taking me somewhere I could be around them. It was a moment of laughter and love.”

I asked her to tell me the most attractive thing about Rance, and she said, “You mean I have to pick just one? Hmm. Most likely his down-to-earth way of living. He just lives and loves without doubt. I envy that. And I consider myself very lucky to have found someone who feels so sure about us and life that is left to live.”

“After almost 5 years of dating, I knew we were getting close [to a proposal]. He went through so much planning to trick me! He made me think we were meeting his family for a family weekend vacation. Took the doubt away because their spontaneity is one of the many things I love about them. We love to hike and wouldn’t dream of visiting the mountains without doing so. He “randomly” found a hike to go on the first full day of our visit. We went to the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Dream Lake trail. I was huffing and puffing the whole way. I was ready to be done but he had an agenda, and he wasn’t going to let me turn around! We get up there, and he started just looking around. Being kinda weird, really. I pretty much knew then what was about to happen. And sure enough it did!”

One of her favorite memories is “Our first winter trip to Colorado in 2014. We went to Created Butte and he taught me how to snowboard. I sucked. But he was so patient. Even through my tantrums! He’s so kind.”

“Another [favorite memory] was our trip to Texas when we moved him from Colorado. I love road trips with him. He’s not a fan of the drive, but the best conversations happen on the road. We bond more and more every time. Knowing that we were going to finally be so close after being over 900 miles apart made the trip that much better.”

“He surprised me when he let me get our youngest puppy, Ollie. Didn’t think I’d win that one!”

“He says, ‘You know it?’ after almost every fact he tells me. I like to give him a hard time about it, but I think it’s adorable.”

“He listens. Doesn’t matter if I am nagging, venting, or rambling. He makes an effort to listen without interruption or a ‘fix it’ mentality.”

“He stays true to himself. He is not easily persuaded and he doesn’t compromise his morals.”

Lyndsey admires “His goofy nature. I love how easily he can make me laugh.”

“He impresses me regularly. He doesn’t give up easily and he works hard until he reaches his goals.”

“I can’t wait to grow together as a couple who supports each other through anything and everything. The past 5 years have shown me how blessed I am to have such a great man in my life.”

Lyndsey says she’s the lucky one this relationship “Because he accepts every part of me, and shows me more love than I ever thought possible.”

I asked Rance to tell me a little bit about Lyndsey, and here’s what he had to say:
“The first time I saw Lyndsey was when we were 11 years old in church youth group, of course I was so shy it took everything I had to sit by her.”

“The first time we had time to get to know each other was at a church lock-in. We eventually warmed up to each other and really connected at the young age of 12.”

“Our first dates were around the age of sixteen. Driving around town eating Taco Bell and going to Regan Park because we had nowhere else to go.”

 “Some of my favorite dates are our usual pluckers dates. It’s usually when she comes to visit. It’s a time to catch up and have some quality time with each other.”

“The most beautiful thing about Lyndsey is her heart. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.”

“Some of the best memories I have of us are when I was in college in Colorado. She would come up to visit, we would long board, go sit in the park and watch the ducks, eat pizza together on my small twin bed, always with ranch dressing. The most recent memories are small dates in Tyler and eating andys frozen custard with our dogs.”

“Our anniversary last year she took the day off, and drove up to Grapevine. She then made me pizza, baked me a cake, got me balloons and hid in my room. When I got home and opened the door she yelled surprise and the dogs jumped on me. I screamed like a girl and was in so much shock I couldn’t eat my pizza or the cake.”

“She loves to eat cereal before bed. She gets bored in restaurants and plays with her food like a kid. She refers to any cute animal, dogs, squirrels, bunnies, and birds as pumpkins!”

“It’s the small things for me, taking care of our dogs, making me sweet tea, cleaning up after me. Everything she does on a daily basis are great to me.”

 Rance respects “Her optimism. She can always see the bright side of things and is a very kind, loving person.”

“She always try’s to be the best she can, in every aspect of her life.”

Rance knew she as the one when “In 2011 when we starting dating for real she would come visit me in Colorado. As a student I lived in a very small apartment that wasn’t nice in any way, I was very embarrassed about it. She happily came to visit and looked past the poor college kid I was to spend time with me. That really spoke to me.”

“She is always bringing me up, she is the best part of us. She is making me a better person in multiple ways. She is bringing me closer to God. And being an all around better person.”

“I’m the lucky one because of her unconditional love.”

Ceremony Venue: Granby Ranch in Granby, CO Cassidy Jordan Direct: 970-887-5208

Reception Venue: Base Camp in Granby Ranch

Day of Coordinator: Cassidy Jordan from Granby Ranch

Florist: We have made our own bouquets, decor, etc. through use of flowers from

Caterer: Granby Ranch

Cake: local grocery store and brought in by Rance’s mother and stepfather.

Officiant: Phil Gallagher email:

Hair: I am doing my own hair.

Makeup: I am doing my own makeup.

Dress Boutique: Brickhouse Bridal in The Woodlands, TX

Bridal Shoes: These I have not yet decided on! They will most likely be sandals from DSW.

Bridal Jewelry: Grandmother’s

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Men’s Clothing: Men’s warehouse locally MVMT watches

Groom’s Shoes + Details: TAFT jones boots In Cognac

Invitations: Protea Press via Etsy

Wedding Favors: Various vendors through Zulily and Afloral

Bride’s Ring: Brilliant Earth

Groom’s Ring: Stonebrook Jewelry


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